Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome to Providence!

Ah... so relaxing. Just a day ratting in Providence. Just arrived yesterday, giving up the old life of piracy. Jump through into next system, find a BS rat on the gate. Smiling knowingly, I begin to approach it at an angle that will minimize damage to my rupture's armor when there is a gate activation behind me.
A Sev3rance Jaguar decloaks. OK, not hostile...
Is he targetting me? Shit!
Scrammed, webbed, fuck fuck, not prepared for this. Recall drones, start a convo with the pilot. Only yesterday I had asked a sev3rance pilot whether or not I was red, and had been informed that I, in fact, was not red. Sev3rance is part of the Providence Holders, a NRDS coaliton. So, I shouldn't be getting shot at... right?
I tell him that I don't think that I should be getting shot at, so, he ceases fire for a moment. I'm already back at the jump gate and able to jump out at any time, but I figure that jumping out while he's confirming whether or not I am KOS is something only the guilty would do, so I stay. After a short pause, he resumes fire, stating that since I'm in a one man corp, and my previous corp, the Tuskers, is red, I am therefore red. Well shit. Activate jump gate and warp to the (-7- owned) outpost in system and find that I am still able to dock, so I do so. I go about asking how I can get set blue, and it appears my options are to join a blue alliance or corporation or remain red...
I wait and listen to an NPC corp pilot complain about similar treatment, until a portion of the -7- and friends pilots camping my station dock in it, then leave my rupture. Poor guy. In my pod, I make for freedom. Only two jumps to high sec and safety. A couple of ships outside the outpost, a SeBo'd bellicose and a stealth bomber of some design. I warp straight to the gate that will leave me one jump from my escape... No bubble! But mr stealth bomber has followed me. Jump into the next system, visual interface loads.... no bubble! YES! Warp for the high sec gate, and freedom... flip on directional scanner, aim it at the gate. Eris-type interdictor on scan... FUCK. I am so screwed, gonna lose my pod, nooooooo-. I land, already signing my last will and testa-... no bubble? But the eris is right-... suddenly, a freighter lands. It clicks, there's no bubble because the eris pilot didn't want to force the freighter pilot to land off the gate as well. Hah! Jump out to high sec where the police give me their standard greeting, and start warping around, thinking about my options. I just made this new corp, and I don't wanna muck up my employment history.
So: Fuck being blue, I'm not one of their slaves.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Prince of Pod-Air

Now this is a story all about how
My Rifter got flip turned inside out
And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I took a ride in Pod-Air

In the belts, born and raised
I killed a caracal without so much as a graze
On GCC, relaxin' all cool
And all restin' in a SS, bein a fool
When an anathema, who was up to no good
Pointed and jammed me like some punk from the hood
In came one little drake, and my ship got scared
And said fuck you, you're taking the goddamn Pod-Air

((Also, props to the guy who probed me out, he's far better at it then I am.))

Divine Grace II: Origin


((Two things.
First, I had this typed up about two and a half weeks ago, but never posted it for some reason.
Second, I ask you now to forgive any weeabooness that may occur. It's just in my nature, having been born in Japan))

-Log Begin-

False alarm. I will begin now.

I was not born on a planet. No, I came around on the small monastery-station of Otaan, home to an order of monks with the same name. Otaan was located in low security space, within a deadspace area. I think that I never learned the 'official' name of my home system; we knew it as Suiretsu. My search of all logs have revealed no system of that name, so I have come to believe that Suiretsu was its name only to the Otaan.

I was born Avan Otaani, or Shadow. To the Otaan, this means that I was born in a manner deemed unfit. My mother was member of an Otaan sect that valued honesty above all else, or at least was supposed to. My father was a member of another sect, one which required all of its members to take a vow of celebacy. See the problem?

Once it came out who my father was, he was unceremoniously kicked out of the monastery on the next supply shuttle to the planet which Otaan orbits. To suitably punish my mother, they took me out of her. Being a test-tube child is not something that is uncommon for the Caldari in general, but the Achura of such origins are far less common. They took great care to tell me all of this, that I may learn from it, all the way up until my thirteenth birthday, or about twelve standard years.

To the Otaan, the moment an individual became thirteen, they become responsible for all of their actions. I won't go into great detail about this, but I was involved in some choice vandalism. I was quickly taken planetside from the hidden station, where I stayed for about a year.

Now, I must break for a real meal, instead of this pod ooze.

-Log End-

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Divine Grace I: Foreword

((OOC: I've decided to change a few things. Previously, when I've done "in-character" posts, it's just been me speaking through Avan, so he seems a little schizophrenic. To this, I say 'No More!' So, I present Divine Grace, the story of Avan Sercedos.))

-Log Begin-

A recent epiphany by myself has created some doubt in my mind as to the immortality of us pod pilots. Even if we do not mentally perish, our old bodies do. In my meditations, I questioned, what does the stress of being repeatedly torn from the body have on the mind? What effect does it have on the spirit? I am not speaking in terms of having an inadequate clone like that buffoon Fatal.

I do not think that I can summon the words to explain my feelings here, so I will simply say this. If my spirit is ever lost to the void, I would want somebody to be able to understand my motives. I am not egotistical, I just know that I personally hate loose ends, and I would not want to put their burden on anyone who follows me...

Ah, a target. Excuse me.

-Log End-

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Buffer tank: Failure

Don't get me wrong from the title, I love me my buffer tanks. But before I had ecm drones, I ran into a problem flying the thorax: interceptors. See, I always used medium drones, because all I wanted was more dps, because who flies the thorax if you DON'T want dps? Of course, the fact that now I can use ecm drones, coupled with the nerf to speed in general, means that this situation is far less likely. Of course, I haven't had this situation come up since the speed nerf, so that's just an assumption... but before, this happened to me multiple times.

Oh well vOv

Friday, February 20, 2009


Alright, time to change my tune. I'm not gonna explain it all here, but basically, I am now a Tusker.

To make it up to anyone who reads this (lol) allow me to present you with this image.

Only someone who has flown the incursus into combat against a competent rifter would understand... ((or maybe I'm doing it wrong))
There will be more to come, hopefully with more updates more often.