Saturday, February 28, 2009

Divine Grace I: Foreword

((OOC: I've decided to change a few things. Previously, when I've done "in-character" posts, it's just been me speaking through Avan, so he seems a little schizophrenic. To this, I say 'No More!' So, I present Divine Grace, the story of Avan Sercedos.))

-Log Begin-

A recent epiphany by myself has created some doubt in my mind as to the immortality of us pod pilots. Even if we do not mentally perish, our old bodies do. In my meditations, I questioned, what does the stress of being repeatedly torn from the body have on the mind? What effect does it have on the spirit? I am not speaking in terms of having an inadequate clone like that buffoon Fatal.

I do not think that I can summon the words to explain my feelings here, so I will simply say this. If my spirit is ever lost to the void, I would want somebody to be able to understand my motives. I am not egotistical, I just know that I personally hate loose ends, and I would not want to put their burden on anyone who follows me...

Ah, a target. Excuse me.

-Log End-

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