Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Humble Beginnings II: Epic Fail

" Amidst the black void, a link from past to future. The sheltering wings of the protector... "

Adapted from AC4

I stumble out of the station bar, then make my way back to my hangar. With a stupid grin, I slide into my pod. The goo surrounding me makes me think of an ant caught in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

My camera drone zips between my ships... Taranis. Why the hell do I have an industrial like that in my hangar? Ugh. Caldari Shuttle? A fearsome fighter, but its autocannons could have a tough time destroying sentries... hmm... Heron?

Why do I have one?! I can't use lasers!!!

Then, I see it.


Why the hell do I have a Titan in my hangar?

Screw it.

I hop in and undock. Another Brutix is sitting on the undock, and this station is looking pretty big. Could be rough, but the other Brutix docks. Neutral Ishkur warps in at 30 clicks and starts to close distance.

I try to use my DDD, but it turns out to be a dud. Just makes a bunch of blue circles start coming out from my Brutix.

Ishkur hits ten miles. Screw it, I'm in a Titan, I can tank sentries!

Web away! Blasters on! Target shields vaporize, but armor proves to be tough.

Damn reps. Damn AFs. Oh well, I could be here for hours tanking sent--

Why is there a stream of gas shooting out of my Brutix? Must be my DDD finally going off.

Why is my Brutix gone? DDD musta backfired.

Pod escapes. Good.

GCC fades, grab a one of those damn industrials. Seems to be moving fast today. 600 m/s. 4km/s with mwd...

Watching local. Ishkur pilot finds Brutix pilot... ratting?

Ishkur pilot engages Brutix despite a local Scorpion pilot's warning that he will assist the Brutix. I start bouncing belts to find the fight. I want revenge.

I arrive at the costume party just as the Ishkur goes pop.
Damn, Scorps OP. Killed a Titan-killer before it could kill a Titan. Must be a Titan-killer-killer. Pretty sweet.

Ishkur pilot's pod warps out. I decide not to stick around either. Titan and Titan-killer-killer versus industrial just isn't fair.

Pick a random planet, turns out to be Planet I. Warp to 0.

Warp fades away.

See Ishkur pilot's pod, he must be typing something in local.

Lock. Scram. Web.

He comments that his day has just turned sour. Should've told him to join the club, but my itchy trigger finger gets the best of me, and I bid him farewell.

With Blasters.

Hiccuping madly, I grab the corpse and return it to station, then follow the local Titan-Brutix around as it obliderates the Serpentis. I fall asleep behind the pod and vanish into space.

I need a new Brutix.

Moral of the Story:

Sometimes dumbasses can get rewarded.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Humble Beginnings

"Amidst the black void, a link from past to future. The sheltering wings of the protector..."
Adapted from AC4

I sit here, recording this now as I take a break from studying various electronic upgrades, in the hopes of flying a Helios-class frigate... eventually.

My name is Avan. A few months ago, I graduated from the Caldari State War Academy. Since then, I've done quite a bit. I started my career working for the Hyasyoda Corporation, as a sort of consultant. The corporation from which Hyasyoda 'hired' me changed several times.

For a week or so after I graduated, I worked for Hyasyoda. I made a friend, and this friend taught me a tactic allowing for legal combat in high security space that does not require a formal war declaration. He called this 'can-flipping'.

After my first can-flip, I received three kills with no losses. My hands were shaking with the adrenal rush. Then, my corporation decided to formally declare war on another corp. As far as I know, my killing of a Cormorant Destroyer with my brand new Caracal was the only action of the war.

Once the war came to pass, I found myself in a new corporation, where I taught myself the art of the 'suicide gank', an attempt to destroy another ship in high security space without provocation, and do so before CONCORD arrives to break up the party.

I learned quickly that such a tactics requires organisation and precise timing, neither of which were had by my allies or me, at least at the time. I moved to yet another corporation, and with that move came another to null security space for a short stay. I returned to high security space, disillusioned with the sorts of lopsided battles that my corp, as well as its alliance, had to deal with.

I stayed in the corp as I cleaned space with salvagers and continued can-flipping. Eventually, I decided to leave the corp.

Then, I had an idea. For times since my graduation, I had read the chronicles of pirates such as this and this. I figured, why not join them among the stars?

So, I set about liquidating the salvaged I had procured around the Forge area as my training in Gallente interceptors terminated.

As I lumbered about in "Wtfmate?", my microwarpdrive equipped Badger-class industrial, I examined various low security regions to which I could move.

My eyes glittered as they found a word that spoke volumes to me.


During my rush to move into my new home, I warped my little probe-Heron to a low security gate. What I wasn't expecting was a burst of lag, then to find myself suddenly in a station again, implantless, and in a new body, victim of a smartbomb camp.


Well, it's a cruel world, and I'll give it a little shove further in that direction, and maybe even get some revenge.

Moral of the Story: Don't warp to 0 in fragile ships if local is high.